What is Crafted Production?

If you’re involved in the production of sewn goods in the United States, you have likely noticed something in recent years. A shift in demand. An uptick in interest. A new type of client calling. The Carolina Textile District defines it as “Crafted Production” and it represents a small (but growing) segment of modern demand for the domestic textile industry.

Bridging the textiles skills gap

The beauty of this moment in the American Textile Industry is that everyone, of all generations, has a chance to use the knowledge of our history and innovation of our future to create a stronger and better industry than we have ever known. The Carolina Textile District is working everyday to build these conversations and connections, and we believe the possibilities are endless.

Rebuilding Textiles Through Cooperation

In the rural Carolinas there is a growing movement for businesses to take another go at their core industries.

Within the textile industry there is major buzz around brands looking to “re-shore” their production of goods to U.S. soil. The Carolina Textile District is a network of mill owners, pattern makers, label producers and suppliers joining together to lift up each other’s work and get ready to manufacture on a large scale once again.