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Our cut and sew partners are looking for clients who have a basic understanding of the production process, can commit to repeat production orders and have reasonable expectations about time frames and costs.
— Tanya Wade, CTD Project Coordinator


Marketing & Development

A successful business plan in the textile industry requires early and thoughtful attention to generating and satisfying market demand for your idea. Textile products play unique roles in a vast number of industries. Understanding the breadth and potential of your idea is critical. It will help you get clear on what you want and need from your production partners.

Testing & Certification  

Textile product testing and proper certification are increasingly important to the successful launch and sustainability of a textile-based business. One of the District's partners is an accredited ISO/IEC testing facility that can test and certify for stretch, flammability, weathering, children's products, antimicrobial capabilities and much, much more.


Creative design drives the entire development process resulting, ultimately, in production-ready samples. Creative designers in our network can develop your idea or concept. Technical designers in our network can ready you for production by providing pattern making services (including digital patterns) and technical specifications, which are required for production.


Material sourcing, or simply “sourcing,” is the process of obtaining all the materials needed for your product. At first, sourcing can seem complex and intimidating. How is the product expected to look, feel, or perform? Are you using knits or wovens? Will the product require accessories like buttons, zippers, or clasps? The District can help you sort it out.


Printing & Dyeing

Manufacturers add design, pattern, and color to products using a number of printing and dyeing methods including direct-to-fabric printing, dye sublimation printing and screen-printing. Other design methods include heat transfer and embroidery. Which one is right for your product, fabric, and design? It can depend on your overall brand strategy.

Tags, Labels, Packaging

District Partners can help with tags, labels and packaging. Your production company will need these on-hand before starting the cut and sew work on your product. Improperly tagged or mislabeled products can have legal implications. Packaging textile products correctly can have a positive impact on your brand, image and sales.

Production & Samples

Production starts with sample development. This is usually a joint project involving you and a cut and sew company. Once the product samples are refined, District manufacturing partners can do a time study to determine final production cost. Ready for production? Minimums vary but our Partners can produce as few as 250 units or as many as 50,000.

Selling American Textiles

There’s huge demand for sewn goods “Made in America” - but to be successful you must do your research first. Make sure you know the best distribution methods for your product. Selling direct to consumer online can create higher margins that makes producing in the U.S. more viable. Want to work with a fulfillment house? We can help with that too.