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What is the Carolina Textile District? What do you do?

The Carolina Textile District is a network of textile related companies that collaborate to strengthen the domestic manufacturing industry. We help clients produce cut and sewn products in the U.S by providing education and connecting them with talented and experienced companies that are capable, available and interested in working with them.

What type of clients does the District work with?

Everyone from existing companies who are already in production to entrepreneurs just getting started.

How does the District work with new clients?

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? New clients start with our application on the home page of our website. This is critical because it allows us to review your specific needs and advise you on next steps.

What happens on a call/visit with a CTD Project Specialist?

During these individualized and customized project conversations we assess your needs, determine if we have companies capable and available to produce your product and provide key tools and info that will help you move forward with the domestic production process.

Are there fees to work with the District?

As much as we would love to help everyone for free, it just isn't possible. Based on your project status some fees may apply but are minimal ($30 for an initial call) and are only in place to cover the Project Specialist's time spent with you and on your project.

What if I have an existing product or am already in production?

Great! If you want to re-shore, need to find a new contract cut and sew company, are looking to scale-up, or just testing the waters, we can help!

What if I’m not ready for production?

Sometimes when clients take our survey or Self Assessment they realize that they aren’t ready for production. We suggest that you consider registering for one of our Sewn Goods 101 Workshops or Webinars to learn about the production process and how to form long-term relationships with your manufacturers.

What if I want to become a manufacturer and make my own products?

We've got you covered! Our Crafted Production workshop is a week long experience that provides TONS of great information about how to launch and run a crafted production cut and sew factory!

Why should I pay the District just to "find" a manufacturer? I can do that myself.

You are exactly right! .....sort of! Each cut and sew specializes in specific products and has specific capabilities so while one might work on men's polo shirts, another might only make bags or dog  beds or children's apparel. We know the capabilities, order minimums, machines and skillsets of all the members in our network, which can save you a ton of time cold calling! Additionally, we have worked with some of these firms for years and have a good relationship with them so sometimes they are more willing to take something on if it comes through us.

What if I don't schedule a call or visit?

You can search on your own for domestic suppliers and manufacturers by visiting sites and databases like SEAMS, Manufactured in North Carolina and NC Textile Connect. You can also download the CTD Self Assessment Checklist on the Process Page to better understand what you need to accomplish to launch a new product.

If I have a variety of different products that I want to produce, can I just complete one application for all of them?

Although that would definitely be the easiest and fastest way, it is unfortunately not the best way. Because each product may require different time frames, quantities, target prices, materials, etc., you will need to complete an application and provide detailed information for each product you are seeking assistance with.

Do you always find production partners for new clients?

Not every single time and we can't guarantee it; however, we have over 30 cut and sew partners and a pretty high success rate!

What about confidentiality? Does The District sign Non-Disclosure Agreements?

The Carolina Textile District does not sign NDAs or Confidentiality Agreements. Since we have a huge network of manufacturing partners and process numerous client applications every week it just isn’t feasible. However, we take our client’s privacy and requests for confidentiality very seriously and have never had an issue with a partner sharing or copying private client information or ideas.

Does The District work with overseas manufacturers or fabric suppliers?

The District is 100% committed to domestic sourcing for materials and labor and connect clients only to companies in the U.S.

If I need assistance with sourcing my materials, can The District help me with that?

Yes, in most cases we can help source your materials through our Qualified Sourcing Program.

If I need assistance with other areas like patterns, printing or labels, can The District assist me with those things as well?

Yes! This is our “sweet spot”! The District is a network of diverse companies that specialize in different areas but are connected to each other – which makes the creation of a new product much more efficient!

Are all of The District’s partners housed under one roof (sourcing, pattern making, production, fulfillment, etc.)?

Nope, we like to say that we’re "virtually integrated" rather than "vertically integrated"! Each CTD Partner is an independent company and operates under their own terms and conditions. However, many of them do work closely together and have longstanding relationships.